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HADWIGER is an innovative and connected solution provider with high added-value for industries business model transformation on Africa market.
Building on high level expert team that leverage mobile technologies, IoT, Big data and new trend of Infrastructure & Operations Management we drive analytical applications, new idea and intelligent business functions projects for companies that face complex issues.

We are looking for a drone system Engineer with high capabilities skills to work on mechanical, electrical (RF, circuit design, sensors, etc.), networking (LPWAN, 3GPP-IOT standard) and software engineering for drone sensing mission operations. This position requires a self-motivated and passionate individual, with strong desire to learn and ability to lead.
You will work for Flights or Tests operation, with exposure to flying sUAS (RC Multirotors and Fixed wings) and processing data for valuable insights around various industries.

You will be part of a highly collaborative environment in which you will work independently and on a multi-disciplinary team to plan, design and develop systems, write test plans and test cases, conduct unit integration and perform system level testing.
You’ll work on exciting projects that touch all parts of IoT and drone ecosystem. You’ll work with business teams from data collection to intelligent application implementation that meet customers’ needs.

As management and marketing assistant, you’ll be the key members of the executive team, working on various subjects, from operation management to marketing:
 Plan and execute flight mission for remote sensing as per technical requirements (from customers, solution integration, software features, electronics, sensors, etc.)
 Perform hands-on mechanical and electrical integration of hardware components on the internal fleet for R&D and operations (sensors, connectivity module, etc.)
 Drive collaboration with R&D team and Business Development team to plan missions
 Learn about the domain and competitors to propose new drone applications, as well as, improvements in existing applications
 Execute scheduled UAS (unmanned aerial systems) missions, primarily in industrial settings. Duties and responsibilities include execution of drone flights, data management, and data transfer. Must be familiar with multi-rotor UAS operation; fixed wing UAS operational experience is a plus
 Implementation of required hardware interfacing (GPIO, I2C, Linux, embedded system, etc.), IP and network stack engineering with the right technology (Sigfox, LPWAN, NB/GSM/LTE-IoT, etc.)

Profil du poste

 Bachelors or Master in Aerospace Engineering, System Engineering, Electricals or relevant discipline
 Strong verbal and written communications skills is a must
 Ability to work off hours depending on project and customer requests
 Demonstrable ability to multi-task and adhere to deadlines

 Experience in flight testing and operating/piloting small UAS and/or RC aircraft (both fixed-wing and multirotor systems) from remote sensing to data transfer
 Experience in using flight-planning and ground control station software
 Familiarity with UAV platforms, like, Pixhawk, DJI, Ardupilot and PX4
 Experience in integrating, operating, and tuning autopilots on a variety of UAVs
 Basic knowledge of electrical test equipment (multimeter, oscilloscope) and UAS sensors
 Ability to work hands-on with electro-mechanical systems including assembly, disassembly, testing, troubleshooting

Dossiers de candidature

Salary: depending on the profile + 100% transport card
Application: info@hadwiger-group.com
• CV (in English or French)
• Cover Letter (in English or French): Describing your achievement and what you want to achieve in the next 5 years
• All candidates will be submitted to rigorous oral and written skills test

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